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Kenosha Crew Parents,

In the document that follows, we will be outlining changes the USSF (US Soccer’s governing body) are instituting across the country.  We anticipate that these changes are likely to have an impact not only on the field of play, but also on long term team make up.  While the changes may take time to adjust to, we would like to stress that in this time of change, the Kenosha Crew is committed to following our mission statement which centers around our commitment to your children as soccer players and young people of high character, as well as our commitment to our community.

Kenosha Crew AC would like to share with you some changes to youth soccer announced by US Soccer Federation* & US Youth Soccer Association**.  These changes are being mandated by the US Soccer Federation throughout the country and must go into effect beginning with the 2017-18 soccer year, with the recommendation that clubs and state associations implement the changes for the 2016-17 soccer year. While this notice was relayed to clubs and players during the Fall season, we have held off presenting our formal release until we received direction from our governing body within the state of Wisconsin.

Recently, at the Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association (WYSA)*** Board of Directors meeting, the state association has voted to implement all changes for the 2016-17 soccer year (next Fall). As a member of the WYSA (as with every club we compete with in WI), we will be required to implement these changes in order to compete in the affiliated leagues and events. Most familiar to all of you; WYSA Youth Academy League, Southeast Classic League (SECL), State Leagues and Midwest Regional League.

The changes relate to two categories:  small-sided game format and age group registrations.

  1. Kenosha Crew AC has always utilized small-sided games for ages U12 and below in accordance with WYSA and US Soccer best practices, the changes for small-sided games will be minimal and will simply see an additional player on the field for age groups U9-U12; for example U9/U10 will play in a 7v7 format (as opposed to the current 6v6 set up) and U11/12 will play in a 9v9 format (as opposed to the current 8v8 set up).  One new rule change is that the offside rule will be enforced at the U9 & U10 ages with the new playing format.


  1. The other change announced is that players will be grouped by birth year (i.e. January 1 – December 31 2002, 2003, etc.) instead of the current “school-year” (August 1 – July 31) classification.   USSF has announced this change to align with the international age group structure, as currently only the US and Canada utilize the school-year groupings.   All league competitions that Kenosha Crew AC participates in through WYSA and the Midwest Regional League will be implementing these changes for their league structures.


We recognize that there has been discussion amongst groups of parents, players and community members since the press release from USSF and along with those discussions comes more questions than answers. We also know that these questions bring with them a significant amount of uncertainty, apprehension, confusion and frustration. We have been experiencing the same range of thoughts and emotions while working to determine how best to work with families to listen, communicate and implement the mandated changes. Unfortunately we have not had the ability to make official determinations and plans while we waited for US Youth Soccer and WYSA to make implementation plans.

Now that we have received word that all member clubs within the state of Wisconsin must implement changes according to National, Regional and State competition guidelines, we are moving forward with our education and implementation plan.

This plan includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Official Kenosha Crew AC release of US Soccer mandates and their implementation at the National, State and Local levels. (see the Crew FAQ for more information)
    • Small sided play changes
    • Birth year age group realignment
    • Rule changes - header mandate
  • Addressing questions, concerns and feedback from Kenosha Crew families.  
    • Questions submitted to the club via the following link: Questions / Feedback
    • Informational Meeting:
      • Sunday March 13th - 6:30pm @ Boys and Girls Club
  • Announcement of Lead Coaches for each division for the 2016-2017 season.
    • Document to be released by March 30th
    • Intent is to help parents and players become familiar with the coaching leads of each division / age group should your son or daughter be impacted